Mar 31, 2014

I'm back!!

I have been MIA for months! WHOA!So sorry. If you're reading this post, I'm definitely hugging you right now! Oh, how long have I been gone? 5 months? Seriously?? Oops, so sorry everyone! I know, I know. I have just been busy with my life. You know the whole work, daily routines, family and baby. I just can't help it but I still keep up with some of you on Instagram and Dayre. To  those who might didn't know, I am currently expecting my second baby. I am now 23 weeks pregnant! A lot of good things  happened and I feel so blessed for everything that I have in my life.

Will see you again soon!

Oct 15, 2013

Caleb's 1st Birthday : My Birth Journey II

I know my baby's first birthday celebration has already passed for almost like 3 months. I was suppose to write about it right after the big celebration but I'm sorry I was too occupied with so many stuffs - yoga, workloads, home, baby, family etc. I just couldn't find the right time to blog.

Here goes the continuation of my first post on my birth journey.

In the night, the pain got worse and intensified. I wonder if I actually having contraction.  It felt like someone stabbing me in my lower stomach. It was so pain.My body temperature was high too but I actually felt cold at the same time. However I didn't notice any water break and my baby was still actively moving, kicking here and there. I wanted to take medicine, such as Paracetamol but I didn't have the gut as I was afraid it will affecting my pregnancy. So the only thing I could do was trying to manage the pain by laying down on the mat and drink plenty of water. Urghh! What a day!

The next day I moved to my sister's bedroom since their room is quite bigger than mine. I didn't feel comfortable sleeping in my room. I felt like I was suffocating. My body temperature has risen but surprisingly, I felt  very cold. Looking at my condition , my husband got really worried and he had been so nice to me by wiping my head and body with warm water. Later in the afternoon we went to the nearest clinic. The clinic closest by me was the one in Tinangol but unfortunately,  it was closed. Then, we decided to go to Kudat Hospital. As soon as I arrived to the emergency room,  I ran some testes ( urine testes and blood pressure) and had been asked some questions from random nurses and medical assistant. While waited for the urine test result, I laid down on the bed and they treated my ailment with Paracetamol. I was like huh? Shocked! I thought pregnant lady can't consume Paracetamol.

Although waiting for my test result was the worse. Not only was I in so much pain but I was also worried about my baby. I was praying that it was nothing too serious. After having waited for more than an hour the test result was out and a doctor explained to me I wasn't dilated. She said I was jusrt having Braxton Hicks contractions and Braxton Hicks is actually have a lot of similarities with signs of labor.

Will be continued.

Jul 22, 2013

Caleb's 1st Birthday : My Birth Journey I

In conjunction with my baby's first birthday, I thought I would share about his birth journey.

It all started on Friday 20th July 2012, I was exactly 36 weeks pregnant. On that day, my husband and I had gone to our regular review at Klinik Kesihatan Ibu dan Anak in Kudat. I had a regular ultrasound scan and to my surprise, my baby was still in breech position. My gynae was asked me where I planned to deliver my baby. I simply answer her, I was planning to deliver in a private hospital. For the record, during my last check up with my obs, Dr Ramesh at Rafflesia Medical Centre, exactly when I was 34 weeks pregnant, the ultrasound scan showed that my baby's in breech position so he had planned to turn the baby in my uterus using a procedure called External Cephalic Procedure (ECV) and we actually had set an appointment on 26th of July 2012. Apart from that, my baby's condition was good and he was actually a very healthy baby! His weight is 2.94 gram.

*FYI, I have two gynaes. 1 in kudat and 1 in RMC.

After the review, my husband and I went to Maybank to pay my car's insurance and we even took the chance to ask about the ASB loan offered by Maybank. I have heard about the loan before and it seems like a very good investment for those who doesn't have much capital like me. I applied right away and got approved. That was my first effort towards becoming a good mother, because I didn't want my kids to become like me, ended up paying PTPTN Loan for my education.

To shorten the story, we had our lunch at a chinese restaurant and off home.

Around evening, I started to have uncomfortable feeling in my stomach and my lower backbone. They're on and off but I didn't really think anything of it since it wasn't painful. In the night, while I was sleeping I started getting really bad stomach pain. The pain comes and goes. I thought may be I was just having Braxton Hicks and hope that the pain would completely gone away. Honestly I had a not so decent night, tossed and turned trying so hard to sleep.

The next day, I woke up pretty early and felt so much relief after had a warm bath. Yeah. It's Saturday. I told my husband what was going on last night and he thought the same too. It may be just Braxton Hicks. As the day passed by, the pain were come and go randomly but still bearable.

To be continued..

Jul 15, 2013

Caleb's 1st Birthday : Update on preparation

My baby's first birthday is just around the corner. I mean, in just two weeks! How time flies!  So here's a little update on my baby's  1st birthday preparation.

1. Pick a date
We decided to throw my baby's party during weekend. The date is now official.  His birthday party will be held on 27th July 2013 at 4 pm.

2. Venue
Long before the baby came into our life, my husband and I have sealed an agreement that when it comes to family matters, no matter circumstances we will dealing with them fairly . During my baby's full moon, the party  was held at my parents in law house. So, that's mean his 1st birthday must be held at my hometown. Fair enough?  Hehe

3. Food and beverages
When planning and hosting a party, providing enough food for all of the guest is essential. So as for the foods,  we decided to cater from a local restaurant and we will also cook some meals on our own. I have no trouble to find cheaper catering services in KK Area, but here in Kudat, urghh, find one is not easy.

4. Birthday outfit
I bought his outfit in Suria Sabah around 2 weeks ago. I want my baby to look really handsome on that day! Let's just pray the outfit will do some magic on him. Hehe

5. Guest and Invitation
I have actually prepared his invitation cards two months ago, but I was so forgetful and up until now, I haven't send out the cards to my respective guests.  My bad! Anyway I didn't actually prepare a guests list. Hehe.. but basically I will invite some of my close friends,  colleagues, family members near or far and I guess, that's all.

6. Doorgift
I don't have any idea about this one! May be some candies or chocolate.  Hmm.. I'm not sure yet!

6. Birthday Cake
Well. I'm not going to bake his birthday cake because I just don't have the gut and confidence. Let the professional do its job! Otherwise,  I will bake some cupcakes for the guest. . Simple, easy and less headache. Hehe.

Jun 27, 2013

Yay Yoga!

Yay! I got to say this, yoga is my new passion, besides cooking and baking!

After gave birth, I majorly slacked-off. I don't work out and I eat way a lot.. I wasn't motivated for yoga until I saw my friend, a mother of two regularly posted her pictures while doing some yoga, but I didn't know   how and where to start! I also had some concerns.First, I am not flexible at all and that is a BIG turn off! Second, I am not sure if I would be able to focus on the breathing parts of the yoga!

My first attempt on yoga was not bad! Thanks to Sis Wyne for sharing the the basic pose of yoga on her Instagram. I felt so good after doing some poses and even if it was just one pose. Doing some kind of crazy arm and leg balancing is so amazing! It was hard and my body hurt so much but now every day I am eager to see what I can accomplish. 

If you're a beginner and new to yoga,just  like me, this is the website to help you start your journey. Click

These are some basic poses for beginners, which I have managed to try. I admit it wasn't perfect, still lacking of flexibility and balance, but as a saying goes, "Practice Makes Perfect".

haha... my little baby! 

Jun 25, 2013

Caleb's 1st Birthday : Happy 11th Months and Planning

How time flies! I can't believe that my precious little baby boy is 11 months today and will be 1 year old in only a month. This monthly milestone is indeed different than all the rest and you know what, I feel little emo while writing this post. Of course I'm filled with joy and love but also sadness as my baby will be turning one. That might sounds silly but I can't believe a whole year is almost gone by! :(

Hmm.. I gotta stop talking about it as I'm afraid I would suddenly burst into tears.

Yah! It's getting close and that means I am now in full party planning mode! I have looking forward to plan his first birthday for a very long time and who knows planning the first birthday party would be so much enthusiastic.  He's my first child and  I want to do the best for him. Of course he is not going to remember his first birthday party but it only happens ONCE and the joy he has brought into my life is definitely should be celebrated. Basically, my mantra in planning his birthday party is simple, stress-free and huge. I stumbled upon this site  . Yay! This site is very helpful.

Ok. So, these are my birthday party check lists and I will update my progress when I have the time.

  1. Set a date, place and time.
  2. Decide on a theme.
  3. Plan the guest list.
  4. Send invitations
  5. Decide on the menu and cake. 
  6. Place orders.
  7. Purchase decorations and goodies.
  8. Plan party activities and games. 
  9. Plan birthday outfit.
  10. Decide on photographer.
  11. Setting up tables and chairs.

Lain cerita. Yay! I'm so happy and grateful as this year, I (and all gov's servant) will enjoy salary rise of one annual increment, and that means twice salary rise for this year! hohoho..

Here's the link for the circular.

P/s : Hmm.. income tax pun makin tinggi lah ni!

Jun 12, 2013

30 recipes until 2014!

Refer my post here.

After taking into consideration  all the possibilities that I will undergo when conducting this challenge,yeah,   I'm pretty sure  that I will enquire to put a lot of time and efforts into it, so I decided to make some alteration. Instead of having 30 days of cooking/baking challenge , I thought it would be better if I create something simple and flexible like, 30 recipes until 2014. Yeah! That's way better.

I've really been getting into cooking and baking lately and today I want to declare that baking/cooking is my new glorious passion. Awww.. I get more motivated and more confident when I get praise from the people I love. "Sedap oh kek ko! Bule tahan oh! Buat lagi kek banyak2!" Hehe.. macam perasan pula saya but seriously that's lead me to be more enthusiastic and work hard to hunt and try more recipes.

Anyway, these are the recipes I have tried thus far. FYI, I am currently focusing on the recipes itself and the tastes, so please ignore my ugly decorations. hehe..

1. Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

2. Japanese Cotton Soft Cheese Cake

3. Vanilla Cupcake

4. Moist Chocolate Cake

4. Chocolate Cheese Cake

5. Pizza Mozarella

6. Cream Puff

7. Fried Ice cream

8. Bread Pudding

As you can see, I have tried 8 recipes by far, so that's mean I still have 22 recipes to try before the end of year 2013.

Good luck to myself.

Fighting! hehe

Jun 6, 2013

Personal Makeup Workshop

Just recently, I attended a Basic Personal Makeup Workshop by ANS Makeup Academy .The workshop was geared towards teaching students how to be professional in makeup. I was there for two reasons, for personal use and towards achieving my dream to become a professional makeup artist. ( Yay for the vanity and big dream! ) Besides, it's a plus if you know how to do makeup for yourself so you won't end up stressing over who's gonna do your makeup each time you need to be dolled up.

Here's the picture or ads of the makeup workshop.

Their makeup workshops come about once a year, and it was RM150 for the entire class, meals and makeup included. However, we were still needed to bring our own makeup set, in case we don't want to use the makeup they provide. During the 3-hours workshop, there were a lot of hands-on activities and demonstrations. It was indeed a privilege to be one of the students of this academy. I honestly learned a lot about the basics and tips in makeup.

Actually there were two makeup courses conducted by the same academy at the same day - Pro Make up Course and Personal Make up Workshop. I am planning to attend for the pro course next year. In that case I have to save money and saving money is indeed one of those tasks that's so much easier said than done. hehe

Now let the pictures do the talking!

Face Chart! Each and everyone of us was given this paper for us to write some notes.

Yours truly makeup bag! Bought this at giant.. Cheap one! haha

My makeup tools!

That lady in black hijab is Kak Wa, our makeup trainer.


We're busy!

Group picture is a must!

If you're wondering where is my output.. Here it is..

Without flash.

With flash. 

Successfully graduated!

If there's any of you interested to participate in this makeup course, may be some where around next year, please don't hesitate to contact me ya! :)
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